Excessive exercise is dangerous to health; Care should be taken while exercising

Excessive exercise can lead to thirst, fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, fever and vomiting. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. It is natural to wonder if anyone is exercising too much. But today, exercise is very common.

It is not possible to say for sure how much time one should exercise, because everyone's body strength, lifestyle and diet are different. Age is also a factor to consider. Exercises that are suitable for a 70 year old may not be suitable for a 30 year old. Women and men can make a difference like this. So the amount and methods of exercise that each person needs to do will be different.One should use only half of his physical strength for exercise. That is, do not become exhausted after exercise. If the forehead and nose begin to sweat, the body is sweating. It is also an indication that exercise is enough.

It is best to do this on an empty stomach, i.e. before meals. If this is not possible, you can exercise at least two hours after eating.

One of the ways we see it today is to play on the turf from two to three o'clock at night. When nature intends to sleep, the place is illuminated - depriving itself and other living beings of sleep - of excessive physical exertion. Not getting enough sleep at night can make the body worse. The impact of accompanying work on the body is not small. If you continue to do this every day, the exercise you do for your health can cause anxiety. Of course the game is a good exercise. But playing in a way that hurts the body regardless of time and context can have the opposite effect of purpose..

Most of the people who do exercise due to over-exercise and exhaust the body. You need to understand his gender, age, physical strength, time and size to choose and practice exercise. Exercising regularly, in moderation, comfortably, and regularly, such as sun salutation, yoga, and walking, can help maintain good health.


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