iM Screens March 2021 Cover
Mar 52021
An Idly weighing 68 kgs was made by the people of Chennai in memory of the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa's face at Marina Beach.It was made in the form of the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa’s face at Marina Beach. The 68 kg idly signifies that the frenzy among her fans is still not over.Jayalalithaa stood as a symbol of dynamism, bravery and was known for sharp intellect.
Freddy a Great Dane that stands at a staggering 7ft 6in has officially been crowned the world's biggest dog, according to a media report . The massive pooch in Essex in UK was officially bestowed the title by the Guinness World Records. Weighing 92 kg, Freddy costs his owner Claire Stoneman around 12,500 pounds a year in maintenance and feeding costs. His favourite snack is an entire roast chicken and peanut butter on toast.
If emerging reports are to be believed the Finance minister Arun Jaitley may have some good news for the salaried and the middle class in the budget for 2017-18. The government is said to be examining an overhaul of India’s income tax regime.A restructuring of tax slabs and increasing the income tax exemption limit from the existing Rs 250,000 to more than Rs 400,000 —a move that would leave more money in the hands of people.The move is part of the broader strategy to reward honest taxpayers who have endured the pain of demonetisation.
For the last 75 years,she has smoked more than 20 cigarettes a day. Also, every night before going to bed, she drank a glass of wine. Maisie Streng an old grandmother from Glasgow whose lifestyle differs from everything that doctors recommend. Despite this, she recently celebrated her 102 birthday. Interestingly she does not take any medication and has what experts call “unhealthy habits”. Maisie’s other obsession are bananas. She began to eat them at work, when faced deadlines and did not have a lot of time for lunch. Her quick meals were bananas, a habit stayed with her to this day.
As the arguments about the pros and cons of demonetisation continue,there is a general agreement that cashless transactions including mobile wallets are here to stay. And PayTm is arguably the most popular mobile wallet.The users of this app may be unaware of the transaction charges that will be levied by the app makers from December 31.PayTm has not made any mention of the transaction charges on merchants in their Terms & Conditions either.
After the de monetisation exercise,all the talk has revolved around cashless transactions.
In a notable development Kochi will get the first residential transgender school in the country. Sahaj International School in Kochi will initially accommodate 10 transgenders, who will study under the National Open School system.This was announced by transgender activists Vijayaraja Mallika, Maya Menon and Faisal CK on Thursday. The school will be inaugurated on December 30 by transgender rights activist and artist Kalki Subramaniam. The school will be led by six transgenders working with the TransIndia Foundation.
As demonetisation continues to hog headlines with common men struggling due to extreme cash crunch.Even weddings are affected and one wedding in the Noida has now hogged headlines.A family in the Nattoki madiya village in Greater Noida has organized the wedding of their daughter by just offering Rs. 11 to their son in law and welcomes the guests with the cup of tea. Mahavir Singh and his wife, Gyano were very tensed when Modi announced the pulling of old notes of Rs. 500 and Rs.
Manoj Munot, a businessman from Aurangabad district of Maharashtra gifted 90 houses to the homeless on the occasion of his daughter's wedding, instead of spending the huge sum of money on the wedding arrangements. According to reports, Munot, took the decision to spend the planned 70-80 lakh that he wished to spend on his daughter Shreya's wedding, for a good cause.In a video published on YouTube, the bride is seen totally supporting her father's decision. In fact, she considers her father's decision the biggest gift for her wedding.