DNA Finger Printing- a method of identifying an individual from a sample of DNA-looking at unique patterns of DNA, Lalji Singh best known- "Father of DNA fingerprinting in India" died of Heart attack today.
Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan declares 20 lakh rupees to each fisherman who was killed in Ockhi cyclone, includes the 10 lakhs announced earlier.5 lakh to those who are injured in the cyclone. In addition to the children of those deceased would be given free education, financial assistance to buy new boats and fishing nets to those who lost their boats, One-month free ration to all the fishermen. The Chief Minister said that there has been no delay or fault with the government machinery in informing the fishermen warnings about the cyclonic storm coming towards south Kerala.
Central Beauro of Investigation (CBI) has finally accepted to investigate Jishnu Pranoy's death as the supreme court directed to do so, CBI's alibi was rejected.  Jishnu Pranoy, an engineering student in Thrissur, Kerala was found hanging in the College hostel.
The public outcry of the fisherman who faced the brunt for the failure of the system to coordinate, inform and prepare for the event with all resources,Chief minister in person saw the anger among the fisherman who continue to have unanswered questions about consequences of Ockhi's disaster, equally agitated about the failure of government machinery.
Upcoming Mumbai's batsman has been named as the Indian Captain of the Cricket team Under 19 for the ICC-U19 Cricket world cup in 2018. All India junior selection Committee has picked the U-19 team for the ICC-U19 cricket world cup. The tournament is being played from 13th January to 3rd February 2018, as per the BCCI'srelease. India's U19 have won the title thrice in 2000,2008 and 2012.India lost to West Indies in 2016 when played in Bangladesh. The preparatory camp will be held from 8th to 22nd December 2017 at Bengaluru.
Virat Kohli, as an Indian captain scored his first double century, the sixth time in his test career while playing his 63rd test for India while playing in the second test against Srilanka at Feroz Shah Kotla grounds, NewDelhi on Sunday. He took 238 deliveries to achieve the feat.Virat is the first International skipper to score six-double centuries in test cricket.Sachin and Sehwag have scored double centuries six times in their test career.Kohli has every chance to supersede them as former players have retired from test cricket.
"Abi" popular mimicry artist and a cine actor passed away yesterday the 30th November, at the age of 52.Reduced platelet count in his blood caused his death at Amritha Hospital, Kochi.
Malayalam feature film"S.Durga" has been shown a red-card and advised stop screening further,  a new twist to the harrowing moments to the director Sanal.K.Sashidharan. Just a few hours left to the completion of International Film Festival of India in Goa, the government has to comply with the court's order to screen this film in the festival.The objection know is boxes used as an alternate to the title leads to a doubt to the audience.The director has marked the letters e-x-y from its original Sexy-Durga as desired by the Censor board.
The end of the internal combustion engine is former than expected as the world is combatting growing air pollution crisis. Many countries are selling deadlines to withdraw all vehicles driven by diesel or petrol to avoid further polluting the air. Comprehensive zero-emission mandate together with new electric cars could make their goal achievable.  UK has set deadline '2040' banning sales of new gasoline and diesel cars. Scotland has set deadline to'2032' eight years ahead of UK to stop selling of cars run on diesel or petrol. 
The Unique Identification Authority of India stated that 200 websites run by Central and State government displayed details such as the names and addresses of some Aadhaar beneficiaries.In response to a Right to Information inquiry, UIDAI noticed that there has been a breach, those data have been removed from those websites.However, they did not specify when the breach took place or did UIDAI make those details public.



Dec 92017
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