Mar 102020
Tesla announces the manufacturing of  10 million electric cars.
RBI plans to increase insurance coverage amid rising demand from various sectors in connection with the collapse of the PMC bank. Insurance coverage for bank deposits may be raised to Rs 2 lakh. The announcement will be made in the budget.  The amendments will be introduced in the Act for the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation Act to provide insurance protection for investments. There is currently an investment of up to Rs. This was fixed 25 years ago. As per the current average, 70% of the accounts hold less than Rs 2 lakh.   
BSE Sensex continued its upward trend to a new high crossing 38,000 mark reached 38,024.37 prevailing on stock purchases by overseas along with the investors from the domestic institutions. Recording the fastest 1000-point rallies crossing 38,000 mark for the first time in the recent history.