ABU DHABI (Reuters) - Green Pass permits came into effect in public places such as shopping malls, entertainment venues and exhibition halls in Abu Dhabi.
Riyadh: Saudi Arabia with more concessions on Kovid restrictions. Masks are no longer required to be worn in public when leaving the country. Social distance does not apply either. The new law will come into force on Sunday (17), officials said.
  Muscat: The implementation of indigenization in the health sector As part of this, 117 doctors have been diagnosed since the beginning of the year to the 30th of last month. Many of them were appointed by the Ministry of Health. They are assigned to the medical, paramedical, and administrative departments. The Ministry of Health informed the South.
ദോഹ: കൊവിഡ് വ്യാപനത്തില്‍ കുറവുണ്ടായ സാഹചര്യത്തില്‍ ഖത്തറിലെ കൊവിഡ് നിയന്ത്രണങ്ങളില്‍ കൂടുതല്‍ ഇളവുകള്‍ പ്രഖ്യാപിച്ചു. ഇനി മുതല്‍ രാജ്യത്ത് എല്ലായിടത്തും പ്രവേശനത്തിന് ശരീര താപനില പരിശോധിക്കേണ്ടതില്ലെന്ന് പൊതുജനാരോഗ്യ മന്ത്രാലയം കഴിഞ്ഞ ദിവസം പുറത്തിറക്കിയ അറിയിപ്പില്‍ പറയുന്നു. പകരം ചില സ്ഥലങ്ങളില്‍ മാത്രമായി താപനില പരിശോധന പരിമിതപ്പെടുത്തും.
Dubai : Free admission to RTA bus-taxi drivers and construction workers at the expo after domestic workers. Hotel, cafeteria, restaurant and workers can visit the expo for free.Tickets can be obtained by presenting the required documents in person at the Expo office. RTA bus and taxi drivers will be given one day entry to the 6-month fair if they show their identity card and residence visa. Special arrangements have been made for construction workers to visit for free.
He directed the Anti-Corruption Commission and the General Court of Audit to oversee the ongoing privatization process in Saudi Arabia. King Salman of Saudi Arabia issued a special order. The order is part of a crackdown on corruption and financial irregularities.
കുവൈറ്റ്: കുവൈറ്റില്‍ ഡോക്ടര്‍മാര്‍ക്ക് ശംബള വര്‍ധന. സര്‍ക്കാര്‍ ആശുപത്രികളിലെ അനസ്തീഷ്യ , തീവ്രപരിചരണ വിഭാഗത്തിലെ സ്വദേശി-വിദേശി ഭേദമന്യേ എല്ലാ ഡോക്ടര്‍ മാര്‍ക്കും 500 ദിനാര്‍ ശംബള വര്‍ദ്ധനവ് പ്രഖ്യാപിച്ചതായി ആരോഗ്യ മന്ത്രാലയത്തെ ഉദ്ധരിച്ചു പ്രാദേശിക പത്രം റിപ്പോര്‍ട്ട് ചെയ്തു.
Dubai: The beloved actor of the Malayalees Siddiqui has received the UAE Golden Dawn visa. Jamaat-e-Usma, CEO of Business Set-up Center in the UAE Completed the procedure. At the same time, many stars from Malayalam cinema are getting Golden Visas. It was scary. Mammootty, Mohanlal, Tovino Thomas, Prithviraj, Dulquer Salman, Nyla Usha, Asha Sharath, Asif Ali and Mithun Ramesh receive Golden Visa Richie was.
Moscow: A passenger plane crashed in Russia, killing 16 people. A plane crash in Tatarstan, Russia, on Sunday killed at least 16 people and injured dozens more. Sputnik reports that paramedics said the injured had been taken to hospital. The local health ministry said one of the injured was in critical condition. According to local media reports, the Let L-410 is a turbocharged aircraft owned by an aero club.
Doha: Expatriates who have violated visa rules in Qatar will have the opportunity to correct them. The deadline is October 10, 2021 to December 31, 2021. This time limit can be applied to all expatriates who have violated residency laws, work visa laws and family visit visa laws. The ministry said the delay should be used to adjust the status quo and avoid legal action.