Dec 152020
Dates have many health benefits. Dates are one of the most important sources of vitamins and minerals. An excellent source of iron.
Avocado gives us many health benefits. Therefore, avocado is a fruit that can never be avoided. Avocados can lower cholesterol and plays an important role in diet, beauty and skin care. Eating avocado has many benefits for us. Helps to stay energized Due to the action of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E, avocado can help keep you energized. It increases blood flow and stimulates brain activity. Avocado helps in lowering cholesterol. Therefore, it also reduces the risk of paralysis. However, the demand for avocados is on the rise.
Exercise is very important for the health of the body .Today's society is addicted to many diseases .Most people die due to various deadly diseases. One of the main reasons for this is the changing lifestyle and diet. There was a lot of exercise in the past lifestyle itself. As such, the diet was low in fat and oil .But most of today's diets are caused by obesity. But there is no exercise in lifestyle to burn it all out. There was a lot of walking and work in the past .Most of the work today is sedentary work. All the work that needs to be done is done by machines. Walking is exercise.
The Sports Ministry is set to organise the largest country-wide run, the Fit India Freedom Run from August 15 to October 2, which boasts of a unique concept. In keeping with the current pandemic situation and social distancing norms, the government has decided to encourage participants of the event to run at their own pace - anywhere and at any time of their convenience. Additionally, they can break up their runs over several days in this period. The total kilometers clocked can be tracked using a Global Positioning System (GPS) watch or manually.
The last date for submission of the entries for the video blogging contest ‘My Life, My Yoga’ recently  announced has been extended till 21st June, 2020. This global contest on digital platform is jointly organized by the Ministry of AYUSH and the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) on the occasion of 6th International Day of Yoga.   
It is widely proved that following a routine exercise and eating a heart-healthy diet can cut risk for heart disease to an extent. However, its a fact that one won't is free of heart problems forever but certainly remain in better health.  Heart-Healthy Food
Thiruvananthapuram: The ordinary thorny fruit "Jackfruit" made a revolution through the declaration of the official fruit of Kerala. It succeeded the stand on 21st March by the Agriculture Minister V.S Sunilkumar, who officially announced it in the state assembly.The major reason for this decision is the increasing need for the fruit and by realizing the economic value of the fruit to develop markets all over the world. Kerala Jackfruit is famous for its organic and nutritious quality.
It is indeed a novel term.Face yoga may sound odd.But research shows that it has myriad benefits.Beauty bloggers, yoga experts, and beauty experts are all talking about the ways in which face yoga can change your face, just like a good workout and stretches can change your body.  Face yoga helps you tighten muscles, shape your face, make your skin glow. Face or facial yoga basically works through all the layers of your skin, stimulating it, increasing blood circulation, and allows more oxygen reach your skin cells, thus resulting in healthier, clearer, more nourished skin.
 It is always rewarding to achieve fitness without any equipment.A quick  5 plus minute morning workout is exclusively designed for beginners and office goers who don’t have time to hit the gym every morning. But want to keep their body fit and active all day long.