Dubai Expo: Admission is free for RTA drivers and workers

Dubai : Free admission to RTA bus-taxi drivers and construction workers at the expo after domestic workers. Hotel, cafeteria, restaurant and workers can visit the expo for free.Tickets can be obtained by presenting the required documents in person at the Expo office. RTA bus and taxi drivers will be given one day entry to the 6-month fair if they show their identity card and residence visa. Special arrangements have been made for construction workers to visit for free.

The respective companies have to pay one dirham per person. More than 3.5 lakh workers will get the opportunity. Domestic workers and babysitters will be given free admission if they show proof of residence visa and work. At the same time tickets must be picked up from the main office at the expo.

The organizers said they would give admission with or without the homeowner. There is no limit to the number of visits. Admission is free for those over 60, under 18, students and members of the determined category.