Driverless taxis to ride around for free: Abu Dhabi with robot taxis

Abu Dhabi : Abu Dhabi offers free travel in driverless taxis. At the Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit, a driverless taxi called Robo Taxi (Taxi) was launched.

The robot taxi was launched in collaboration with Data Analytics' Bayana and Integrated Transportation Center.

Bayanat CEO Hassan Al Hosani said that even foreigners can download the TXAI app and book a robot taxi. The app will be available over the weekend. Initially, 3 electric and 2 hybrid vehicles were launched for free.

Yas Beach on Yas Island, Etihad Arena and 9 other places within the island.

The Emirates Driving Company had trained 10 professionals to ensure safety. Following the success of the electric robot taxi, it will be extended to the main streets in the future. The aim is to reduce road congestion and carbon emissions.

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