Drive to clean up NH bypass.

Taking forward its recent round of extensive clean-up campaigns, the city Corporation will organise a major drive along the National Highway bypass from Kazhakuttam to Vizhinjam on Tuesday.

Unlike recent drives, this one will begin as early as 6 a.m. and will be wound up by 11 a.m., considering the recent occurrences of sunstroke and advisories from the government. The drive will be focussing on the health inspector offices at Kazhakuttam, Attipra, Kadakampally, Beach, Sreekandeswaran, Fort, Poonthura, Thiruvallam and Vizhinjam.

Sanitation workers from all these health circles will be participating in the clean-up drive. In addition, some sanitation workers from other health circles will also take part. Green army volunteers are also expected to join in.

“Large amounts of plastic and other waste are dumped at various points on either side of the bypass. Since there are many secluded spots along the bypass, some find it easier to throw away waste from their vehicles here. Though the Corporation’s health squads are active, especially during nights, not every spot will come under surveillance all the time,” said an official of the city Corporation’s health wing.

The Corporation has asked volunteers who are interested in participating in the clean-up drive to contact – 9496434492, 9496434449.

Last week, the local body had organised a clean-up drive along the entire coastline within the city limits and wards situated along the coast. A total of 210 sacks of plastic carry bags and other plastic waste alone were collected from the coastal areas. The broken glass waste filled up 20 sacks, while pet bottles came up to 15 sacks and old footwear filled up 14 sacks.


Jan 142020
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Jan 162020
ഈ സിനിമയുടെ പിന്നിലൊരു മനോഹരമായ സിംഫണിയുണ്ട്. ന്ത് ച്ചാൽ, ഒരു പുരുഷനാൽ (നദീം ഖാൻ-32 ) വേട്ടയാടപ്പെട്ട പതിനഞ്ച് വയസ്സുള്ള ലക്ഷ്മി അഗർവാൾ എന്ന പെൺകുട്ടിയുടെ കഥയാണ്. ഒരു സ്ത്രീയുടെ കഥ.