"Donald Trump" named to an Afghan Child

The country of "Pathans"- Afghanistan too has "Donald Trump", named after the 3rd child of Asadullah Poya and his wife. Poya says" I loved Donald Trump, his personality and I think he is the best in economics, an also a great politician."

"Trump-how to get rich"- Its Dari translation in 2004 had strengthened his opinion, on the 'Trump's personality. Poya's 3rd son was born during 2016-August, the boy had unusual blond hair, like that of Trump's, Poya named his son"Donald Trump" with all the expectations of good fortune he would bring him, in the years to come. On the other hand, my decision to break the tradition, naming the boy of non-muslim brought problems at home day in and day out.

My calling my son"Trump" use to make my father angry, every calling made him angry, a stage came that "cannot tolerate anymore situation". Poya with his family moved to Kabul, leaving his teaching job. The problem began when he took his son Trump to the local government office to register his name, the official played the foul, posted this information on the Facebook which went viral. When the desire for good luck on naming Trump landed him in deep trouble, the family is on the hitlist of the locals.



Mar 162019
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