The Dog catcher Sally Kannan-after journalism

Sally Kannan's journey to a dog catcher after journalism course, has an anecdote. A puppy use to wait for me on the way to my school, walk along with for some distance.On a terrible day, one day when dog catchers killed the puppy in front of me, even after my plead to save the puppy hardened my sympathy to a determined person to save dogs. Naturally, I made up my mind to become a dog catcher not to kill but to save them.

2000 stray dogs on her list, that too caught them with bare hands, treated them for wounds, gave first aid and saved them from cruel killing. We help to catch dogs, sterilize them by the veterinary doctors. Catch a dog free from wounds is certainly not possible but first aid soon after the catch, saves them from death. Sally and her husband Kannan have been part of worldwide veterinary service in Ooty, and have completed the course in Dog catching.

Sally says people are premeditated in predicting an attack from the stray dogs, they attack stray dogs by throwing stones injuring them.  When dogs are scared they too take a preventive step by attacking the people the dog fears. Lack of awareness is the problem.

One among the hundred women -sally has received the president's medal for her exemplary service to the country in the field of stray dogs.


Jul 182018
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