Do you know the health benefits of papaya seed which is being wasted?

Papaya is a very good fruit for our health. It can be eat as ripened or unripe fruit. It is a good herbal for health issues like constipation as it contains protein, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium etc. Retain your health having papaya...It is not only the papaya which is good for your health,but also its seeds too which we usually used to throw away.  Papaya's health benefits and different ways by which it can be used is explained below -.

1. It is a natural means for abortion.Having One tea spoon papaya seed is enough to get aborted.

2. Isothaiosanate in papaya is beneficial for the prevention of intestinal,Brest and lung, prostate and blood cancers.

3. It is very good for the prevention of virus infection.

4.  Wounds and inflammations can be cured.

5.  Papaya is good for the prevention of liver cirrhosis. Dried powder of papaya seed,mixed with lemon juice can be taken in empty stomach in the morning


  • Papaya seed can be taken raw or dried and powdered or ,with milk or as salad  because it doesn't taste well.
  • It shouldn't be consumed more than a teaspoon
  • Pregnant women are not supposed to have this because it may result in abortion.
  • Similarly, children and toddlers shouldn't consume this .Papaya is not good for their gastrointestinal track.

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