Display rates - Kerala government to private Hospital

Finally, Kerala government has thought of a step, a bold step to direct all the private hospitals to display the rates/tariff for each service they provide, so as to enable the people to keep abreast of cost, compare it with other hospitals and take an ideal decision. 

This will come into effect soon as the registration has been made compulsory under Kerala Clinical Establishments and regulation act being framed, to be implemented at the earliest. 

Doctors from private sector hospitals under Kerala Association of Small Hospitals and Clinics have decided to protest against this, requesting the government to exempt them from this act.                                                

Hospital in Kerala coming under small and medium hospitals on cliff-edge financially, the KCE act shall be the last nail in the coffin if implemented.                                                                                                                 

On the other hand, the government needs to support small and Medium group of Hospitals to run the institution with legal support, meet the salary component,  a protest march was held today followed by a seminar on the role relevance of small and medium Hospitals in Kerala.  




Mar 162019
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