Trouble far from over ?

Delhi High Court on Friday directed Delhi Police to ensure the safety vehicles and drivers of Ola and Uber, the app-based cab companies,  in view of the recent violence against them.

The court however frowned on the drivers' unions for their strike against the cab companies.  "You cannot demand anything from plaintiffs except by peaceful commercial negotiations," the court said, telling the two drivers' unions to change their mindset. The drivers' unions have to "get it out of their head" that they can "extract" something from these companies by agitations as they do with the government, Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw said.

The direction came after Ola and Uber contended that despite the court's orders earlier this week restraining the two drivers' unions from blocking or interfering with their services, there have been incidents of violence including burning of a cab. The two unions -- Sarvodaya Driver Association of Delhi (SDAD) and Rajdhani Tourist Drivers' Union -- denied responsibility for such incidents of violence. The court said that if the unions were unhappy with the rates fixed by Ola and Uber, then they have other options, like running as black and yellow taxis, open to them.
The court asked the unions to spread the word that such incidents of violence should not happen so that a peaceful atmosphere is created for a meeting with Ola and Uber. The case has been posted to February 28 for further hearing. 

Ola and Uber contended in court that  they have made several efforts for dialogue, but this could not be convened when violence and "hooliganism" were taking place.  The companies also said that these incidents started after the high court and the government said they are part of the system and set up a panel to formulate a scheme to regulate them.

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