Covid-19; Rapid test in the state.

The Department of Health is conducting a Rapid Test to see if there has been a social outbreak in the state in the wake of an increase in corona positive cases. The Chief Minister also said on Saturday that the Rapid test would start soon. The specialty of the Rapid test is that it can be easily detected.

Currently, the PCR (Polymer Chain Reaction) test is used to identify whether all patients are infected with the virus. The PCR test was preferred because more accurate information was available. At the same time, this test requires more time. The state health department is stepping up the Rapid Test, which results in rapid growth, because of its rapid identification of social spread.

This is a test using antibody. Rapid test is a method of detecting antibodies that occur when the virus enters the human body. When the virus enters the human body, the body begins producing antibodies within days. Rapid test testing is the fastest way to detect these antibodies in the blood. Testing can be done in a very short time.

Rapid testing can be used to determine if a virus is spreading. This will enable the authorities to put more restrictions on society and control the situation. It is less expensive.

Rapid testing is only possible after a few days of the virus entering the body. The Rapid Test can quickly test the results of all those currently under surveillance and those associated with them. Other countries around the world have seen results from the Rapid Test in the wake of the Corona outbreak.

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Jun 22020
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