Comprehensive development at General Hospital to improve infrastructure...

Comprehensive development at General Hospital to enhance infrastructure and create a friendly atmosphere. The first phase of the Master Plan to end space constraints and inconveniences was approved. 143.06 crore in the first phase. The money is available through Kifby. A detailed DPR submitted by the hospital authorities. Approved by the Department of Health.

It will be implemented in three stages. In the first phase, a five-storey building will be constructed in the area where the first ward stands. TraumaCare, Casualty, OP The building is for sectarian work. The General Hospital currently operates all major departments except the Thoracic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon and Pediatric Surgeon. Two thousand patients a day arrive at the hospital. The 9th Ward will be replaced with modern facilities.

There is still no clear answer to the question of whether to start medical college at General Hospital. The UDF has started a medical college in association with the General Hospital and the Thaikkad women's and children's hospital. The building was erected during the government. It was inaugurated by the Chief Minister Oommen Chandy. Indira Gandhi Medical College has been approved by the Medical Council for admission to 100 seats. However, the LDF did not. The Government is firmly stating that there is no need for a new Medical College.

While there will be no major changes to the heritage site, the major changes will be in the building where the emergency department, osteopathic department, surgery and ticket counter are located. OP Further development of the Master Plan will come in sections. Trauma care and diagnostic facilities will increase. Roads within the hospital will also be upgraded. A solar water heater will be installed in the hospital. In addition, rainwater harvesting is also included in the comprehensive development. Rainwater harvesting is a great way to reduce hospital strain on days when the city's water supply is interrupted. Pipelines for water supply and waste disposal will also be set up.

The entire hospital will be under observation. More than 100 CCTVs Cameras will be installed. Intercom services, including security personnel, will be provided. Arrangements have also been made to call nurses on the bedside of the sick. Medical gas is also provided for each bed. Hospital officials said that only the initial approval was available. The detailed project document was approved. Final approval will only be made after a detailed examination by Kifby.

VK Prashant, MLA, said that the master plan is to cover the burden of medical college. What is said. Along with all this, he says, there will be ample parking and a resting place for fellow residents.


Jan 222020
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Feb 282020
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