China keen to enhance cooperation with India-pleased by Modi's appeal at Davos

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 53-minute speech at World Economic Forum (WEF) has been received in its true spirit, China has reacted positively to enhance cooperation with India. Narendra Modi's speech touching upon protectionism by many counties is equally dangerous as terrorism was received well by China.

Hua Chunying, the spokesperson from China stated that globalization is the trend of the times and serves the interests of all the countries including developing countries and fight against protectionism and promoting globalization. China being the most benefited country by globalization has become a "worlds' factory" in the past three decades gaining two-digit GDP growth, thriving on massive exports to all over the world.

China and India share many common interests. China would like to enhance co-ordination and co-operation with all countries including India to steer the economic globalization towards benefiting world economic growth and well being of all countries. Hua added.

To question on protection by India and China in opposing could help improve strained bilateral ties, Hua said" India is a big neighbor to China.Both being largest developing countries, we hope that we can maintain steady development of bilateral relations. It serves the interests of our two sides. We look forward to working with India, enhance our communication and mutual trust properly handle our defense, ensure sound and steady build-up of our bilateral ties. I believe this is the aspiration of the people of our counties, she concluded.



Mar 162019
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Mar 132019
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