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Apr 242018
"Infosys with 3 billion U.S dollars has plans to go on the buying spree of 'across portfolios' especially connected with the digital platform to stabilize, gain momentum and attain speed during the
Indian Ministry of Defence has an agenda “Make in India”, by including private and public sector. Through this Start-ups would get an immense opportunity to enter the Defence Procurement Process. The increasing demand for innovation in the defence sector will get benefit in ensuring the transparency and speed, also helpful to avoid depending on the imports.
- Walmart Inc may reach out to a deal to buy a majority stake in Indian e-commerce player Flipkart by June end. This could be the retail giant Walmart's biggest acquisition of an online business. It is east vs west clash between Walmart and Amazon on the Indian soil. The reason for the move to buy India's Flipkart is to take on with Amazon which is spreading its wings in India particular, all over the world in general.
Kerala-God's own country known for rains and vegetation with greenery so far, the deadly heat waves has not has not spared the state leaving its trial on the human beings, animals and the vegetation.It is only a beginning of the heat waves throughout the world as the global warming has become a reality, it will be frequent in the coming years,  leaving its ugly effects on the living beings.
Supreme Court has canceled the medical admissions made to collages- Karuna Medical College, Palakkad and Kannur Medical College, Anajara-Kandy, thereby nullifying admissions made.As many as 180 students would forego their admissions. This is a huge set back to the Pinarayi Vijayan's government which had adopted Kerala professional colleges bill 2018, to regularise admissions made to these two medical colleges during 2016-17 during the current assembly session.
Salman Khan, Bollywood actor has been sentenced 5 years jail term and a penalty of Rs.10,000 in the case related to the poaching of  Blackbuck in Rajasthan. It is during the film shooting of " Hum Saath Saath Hain"-in Kankari village near Jodhpur the incident happened.Salman Khan has been taken into custody and sent to Central jail, Jodhpur.  The court has acquitted the other accused Saif Ali Khan, Sonai Bendre, Tabu, and Neelam.
                     സാധാരണയായി  339 - ഓളം നായ് ജനസുകൾ ഉണ്ടെന്നതാണ് കണ്ടെത്തൽ ഇതിൽ നമ്മൾ കൂടുതലായി വളർത്തിവരുന്ന കുറച്  നായ് ജനസുകളെയും അവയുടെ സ്വഭാവ സവിശഷതകളെക്കുറിച്ചും ഇവിടെ പ്രതിപാധിക്കുന്നു. സാധാരണയായി നായ്ക്കളെ കായിക  തല്പരരായ നായ്ക്കൾ എന്നും (sporting dogs ) കായിക തല്പരരല്ലാത്ത നായ്ക്കളെ non sporting Dogs എന്നും രണ്ടായി തരം തിരിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു . വീണ്ടും  ഇതിനെ  (1 ) working (2 )  utility ( 3 ) toy ( 4 )   gun (5 ) hund (6 ) terrier  എന്നും തരംതിരിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു  (1 ) working Dogs
The Controversial land row, Which has divided the believers and the clergy in the Syro - Malabar Church's land dealings is getting complicated. A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court against the Kerala High Court's single bench order stay on filing writ against the land-deal mediator Saju Varghese. The petitioner also requests that the judges from Christian community must be restrained in hearing the case.
Danny Joseph, 20-year old- final year student in Hotel management was working for"Milestones" restaurant at Marriot Hotel in Ontario near Niagara Falls, went missing on 14th February 2018.Complaints were filed by his friends, Canadian police went in search of Danny but in vain due to severe cold and snowfall. 
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sincerely apologized for the data breach-over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which caused a serious " breach of trust" between the Facebook and its users. "I want to share an update on the Cambridge Analytica situation including the steps we have already taken and our next step is to address this important issue. I have been working to understand exactly what happened and how to make sure this does not happen again, he wrote on the facebook.



Apr 192018
Writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster- gave birth to 'Superman'- a character which has likes by children, youth and old alike, still alive in every moviegoer.April 18th, 1938, the day 'Superma