Feb 252020
In order to provide a platform for discussions and deliberations on the present status, future prospects and optimum use of EPS, a three-day international conference on “Ensemble Methods in Modelli
IIT-Delhi alumni and faculty founded a Nasal Filter with its breakthrough nanotechnology-based application wants to disrupt the pollution mask and filters market. Nanoclean collaborated with IIT Delhi for advancing the technology. The startup now holds lifelong exclusive rights to commercialise this technology. It can be used in many other applications in various domains of air and water filtration. The startup Nanoclean was founded by Prateek Sharma, Tushar Vyas, Jatin Kewlani.
NASA's Mars 2020 rover was shifted to the Kennedy Space Center as part of its final preparation for its launch. Rover's first test drive was completed last December at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. The rover will be launched in July. Rover was taken to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in preparation for this. Rover, Cruiser, Descent Stages and Mars Helicopter are the two Air Force C-17 Globemaster cargo planes.
Those who hide in the media like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube will soon be exposed. Social media companies will be forced to disclose their information to consumers under a law passed by the central government later this month.
Google Maps Reaches New Look On 15th Birthday. Android and iOS versions of Google Map have been introduced in the new design. The map app will no longer be the new icon. The app also includes five Easy Access tabs: Explore, Commute, Saved and Contribute. 
SpaceX has made online reservations for the Falcon 9 rocket. This is not a booking to travel on a Falcon 9 rocket. SpaceX can use this facility for organizations that want to bring small satellites into space for various purposes.  Various space agencies and private research institutions, including NASA, rely on Space-X rockets to launch small satellites into space. Space is a single-window reservation facility for these users.
As soon as the burglary is reported in the houses and institutions, the police will soon be informed. The state police, in cooperation with Keltron, is developing an online security system, the Center Intrusion Monitoring System. The system is comprised of sensors that detect movement and tremors and a control unit that controls them.
WhatsApp is being replaced by GIMS for official reporting and communication between officials. To ensure privacy and security in communication through social media, the Government is developing a system of instant messaging system (GIMS).  Central and state government employees will be connected to the GIMS. IT ministry sources said the facility would be integrated with various government services in the future. Overseeing the development of GIMS for the National Informatics Center (NIC).
Scientists are the first to develop living robots from the frog's stem cells. Called xenobots, it can swim and walk and can survive for weeks without food. You can work with other Xenobots. This is a new form of life, says the University of Vermont. Xenobots, which are just 0.04 inches in size, can easily move inside the human body. 
In order to highlight the value and impact of fundamental research to a broad cross-section of the audience including students, academician and industry, and to further strengthen India’s participation in mega-science Projects, Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) and Department of Science and Technology (DST) have jointly organised a multi-venue mega-science exhibition, VigyanSamagam.
India's first satellite for communication, GISAT-30, will launch an Arian-5 rocket from the space station in French Guiana on January 17. It will be launched at 2.35 am Indian time. The term of service is 15 years. ISRO and the European Space Agency will launch space missions to 2020 with the launch of GISAT-30. The GZAT-30 weighs 3,357kg. ISRO The developed GSAT-30 can be used for high-quality television and telecommunication services.