Apr 122018
Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO launched its navigation satellite IRNS-1l from Satish Dhawan Space Center, Sriharikota today at 4.04 am Indian standard time.The satellite was put into orbit
Rishi Mohandas, a cyber expert from Kannur, North Kerala during routine networking, found the web server of IIT, Delhi having a possibility of hackers to enter the site, by using SQL injection, one of the simple, common hacking technologies.  Had they found entry through this, a hacker could gain access to their admin login, which leads to the website, user's name, password of students in the campus, confidential details of employees and academic staff.This could have been a big deterrent.
Pick, drop live bacteria-is possible now, according to a group from Indian /Institute of Science, Bengaluru, by a mobile nanotweezers that can pick up, hold and move tiny cargo, which is the size of molecules in a fluid. Souvik Ghosh and Ambarish Ghosh from the Nanoscience and engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, have overcome the earlier limitations of nanotweezers that were only able to trap and hold the molecules. apart from the nanoscale assembly where tiny objects such as nanodiamonds or quantum dots need to be picked up and moved to the desired location.
Genrobotic- a startup company has successfully developed a robot to clean manholes, which otherwise done manually, a century-old practice. A group of young techies wanted to put an end to the menial job of scavenging men replaced by Robots. The name "Bandicoot" the new robot which cleaned about 30 kg of garbage from a nonfunctional manhole which had choked the flow. Trivandrum city has 5000 manholes which have been cleaned manually has similar malfunctions which are humanly impossible to clean.
 Russian cyberspies pursuing the secrets of military drones and other sensitive U.S. defense technology tricked key contract workers into exposing their email to theft, an Associated Press investigation has found. What ultimately may have been stolen is uncertain, but the hackers clearly exploited a national vulnerability in cybersecurity: poorly protected email and barely any direct notification to victims.
"Falcon Heavy"-world's most powerful rocket was successfully launched on Tuesday by SpaceX.Falcon-Heavy, a powerful rocket zoomed into the sky tearing apart with thunders equivalent to the power of eighteen 747 jet-engines. Thousands witnessed the launch of Falcon Heavy from Florida's space coast, being the first in the line to test the rocket-powered by 27 engines in three boosters strapped together.
  TOKYO (AP) — Japan, home of the “kawaii” cult of cute, has always had a soft spot for companion robots, in contrast to the more industrial or mechanical types used for assembly lines, surgeries and military missions. The Associated Press spent some time recently with three relatively affordable home robots from Japanese makers that target the elderly, kids and hard-working salarymen pressed for time. Unlike real children or pets, they have off switches and don’t need constant attention, dog food or cat litter. KIROBO MINI
Kerala Startup Mission to hold the four-day conclave at Kozhikode from 5th to 8th February 2018. The conclave shall be a platform to men with ideas to project before the Investors, Venture Capital Providers with a team of technical experts and policymakers to enable the ventures to take off. More than 100 startup aspirants getting an opening on "Ninth Idea day " on the 5th February to present their ideas to the team. Rajan Anand, CEO, Google India with many cyber Industrialists will be looking up to bright ideas to support their projects in all respects.
    ഇന്ത്യയില തന്നെ ആദ്യത്തെ അത്യന്താധുനിക  അടിയന്തര  രക്ഷാപ്രവർത്തന  വാഹനം  സ്വന്തമാക്കിയിരിക്കുന്നത്  കൊച്ചിൻ റിഫൈനറിയാണ് . എട്ടുകോടി രൂപയാണ്  വാഹനത്തിന്റ വില .
India's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, on its forty-second flight (PSLV-C-40), will launch the 710 kg Cartosat-2 series satellite for observation of earth and 30-co-passenger satellite together weighing about 613 kg at lift-off. PSLV-C-40  launched from the first launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre, SHAR, Sriharikota, off 150 kilometers from Chennai.
Dr.K.Sivan, incumbent chairman, the highest ranked official in the Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) the space agency in the country. Dr.Sivan occupies the chair which has a legacy of Vikram Sarabhai, M.G.K Menon, Satish Dhawan, U.R.rao, Kasturirangan, K.Radhakrishnan and alike. Dr.Shivan.K  shall be taking over the charge as the Chairman on the 14th January 2018.



Apr 192018
Writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster- gave birth to 'Superman'- a character which has likes by children, youth and old alike, still alive in every moviegoer.April 18th, 1938, the day 'Superma