Care For Your Heart

It is widely proved that following a routine exercise and eating a heart-healthy diet can cut risk for heart disease to an extent. However, its a fact that one won't is free of heart problems forever but certainly remain in better health. 

Heart-Healthy Food

The key chauffeur of heart disease is sugary and starchy foods, more than low-fat food. A major U.S study found that people who consume 25 percent of calories from added sugar. Like, sweetened drinks, sodas and other major sources have more chances of heart disease as those consuming less than 10 percent of calories from added sugar. 

In contrast, moderate consumption of more seafood rich in omega 3 fats, vegetables, non-starchy, fruit seeds, and nuts protect the heart. A minimal amount of full-fat dairy foods and unprocessed red meat has a protective effect on the heart. 

Set goals to eat more vegetables (other than potatoes), seafood, fresh fruits, and some seeds and nuts. Go easy on grains and some dairy and unprocessed meat. 

Heat-Healthy Exercise

Spending countless hours on a treadmill is invalidating for heart health. Activity includes brisk walking, moderate running, steady pace of standard fitness exercise, is recommended but aren't the best. Majority of studies shows people with heart disease found that interval training. Short spurts of intense activity alternated with movement at a relaxed pace are quite effective. 

Example: Instead of walking 30-60 minutes, walk as quickly as possible for in a stretch and then walk at a slower, comfortable pace for the next one or two blocks, repeat the cycle multiple times during the week.

Weightlifting is also an alternative. twice per week lifting weights possess reduced the risk for heart attacks and stroke by 50= 70 percent. The secret is to challenge muscles and not about hoes of weight lifting.    

Drug Supplement Interaction for Good Heart

Three out of four American adults take supplements, and heart health supplements are quite strengthening. Despite the growing use of medications it's essential to consult with a professional doctor on how to safely combine these supplements for optimum gains. 

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