Can you believe Rs.12 lakhs earnings by selling Tea

Can you believe? Yes! you can. Rs.12 lakh earnings per day! by selling 'Chai and Chai' only.

YEWLE TEA HOUSE, The famous Maratha City Pune, YEWLE  TEA HOUSE, the proud owner Navnath Yewle, claims to earn 12 lakh per day by selling tea. It is not that simple Tea you think.Navnath says yes! if you think boil milk with tea makes it, of course, it is as simple,is it so simple, it is not. I have put lots of effort with permutations and combinations to find out the right taste of chai it should be, tasty and relishing to the people of this place, it took four long years to Navnath to say Yes! I have arrived at a point, which would entice people to have one more cup.

Navnath has opened three centers in Pune, employing 12 people in each outlet. Each outlet sells around 3500 to 4000 cups tea per day. The ultimate aim is to have 100 such outlets. It is not just a business, it was his passion which dragged him into the vortex if there are Joshi Wadewala, Rohit Wadewla why not Yewle Chai?


Mar 162019
"Indian clients want good designs at a good price, especially in the luxury market.


Mar 132019
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