Beware- car drivers-15 minutes on the wheels alertness comes down

A person on the wheel tends to lose his alertness after 15 minutes on the wheel, study says. The reason for it is none other than the driver's seat, where vibrations of the car on the run makes the person behind the wheel slowly and steadily feel sleepy, there by losing his attention, further adds the studies.

It is found that mild vibrations made by the car seat while driving shall make the person sleepy,there by risking the car and the passengers to an accident,could be fatal.

Twenty percent of the crashes on the main highways are of fatal in nature, reasons attributed to the person behind the wheels could have felt sleepy due to fatigue.

Hence there could be a chance to find out whether the manufacturer has any possibility to improve the car seat so that the person on the seat could be awake while driving.

Improve the seat design effectively to combat the problem of the driver losing alertness.


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