Best Practices Report 2019...

The ‘Best Practices Report 2019’ for the India real estate business by Track2Realty, for the third consecutive year finds consumers distinctively tilting towards players registering better regulatory compliances. The report compiled by Track2Media Research, following a survey covering 10,000 respondents in 20 cities, has rated leading realty business firms on 10 parameters i.e., Fiscal Management; Execution; Market Depth; Consumer Connect; Transparent Deals; Functional Professionalism; Care; Employer; Communication; and Desirable Practices.

Bengaluru-based Sobha Limited, for the second year in a row, has been ranked as number one. The survey has taken into account not scientific consumer survey benchmarks but also accessed opinion on social media and other open forums online. The report says five out of the top 10 performers of best practices hail from Bengaluru. They are Sobha Limited, Embassy Group, Prestige Group, Puravankara Limited and Brigade Group. Bengaluru has been voted as number one choice of buyers. The city not only retains its number one investment magnet choice but also improves its investment score, compared to the 2017 report. As in previous years, the performance of south Indian firms and the ones from Bengaluru has been way ahead of the national benchmark of best practices.

Among the top 10 investment-worthy cities, four are from south India.


Mar 162019
"Indian clients want good designs at a good price, especially in the luxury market.


Mar 132019
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