To be or Not to be-Rajanikant on 31st December 2017

The very name sending wares in Tamil Nadu politics has been undecided so far, has financially taken a long breath to announce a stand on the still speculation note- "To be or Not to be"on joining politics, followers had been on and off caught on the back foot for the oscillating views he makes at long intervals, can have a sie-of -relief on 31st December 2017.

Don't be too glad-for Rajanikant told common  people that I am not saying that I will be into politics or not, I only will take a final call on entering politics or not on 31st, is yet another swing goes where it  does not stop " .Bravery cannot win wars, strategy and bravery is needed to win the war - Election.. We will see when the war comes--said Rajnikant. while addressing his  fans. He told them"concentrate on a positive thought, he would choose politics if almighty decides.

As an actor, I have tried my level best to shoulder the social responsinbilty, which could extend to politics, later. Wait and watch on 1st December 2017 for a new era.


Mar 162019
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