"Asura" cost $113.5 million to make- an epic flop.

One of the most expensive films ever made in the world and the Chinese film'Asura' on a whopping budget of $113-million, ever made has become a flop of historic proportions, pulled off from theatres on its opening weekend collecting a paltry $7.3 million.

Asura the Chinese film made has both credits as one of the expensive movie made, equally, it is the biggest flop too.

The special effects created overweighing on fantasy, Asura is an epic trilogy triggered by Tibetian Buddhist mythology, which has a common thread of Culture of China.

The reasons for the rejection even though it is initial are not known but it could make-up in course of time, it may not be possible to recover $106 million loss in any way.

It is understood that the producers Alibaba Pictures are planning to make some changes in the film and release it again, solely to recover the huge loss.

Asura film is the third most expensive film made in China and lost huge money, Legend of Seven Seas lost a whopping $125 million is the biggest flop ever recorded in the history of the film industry.

 Asura with the  United States'  legendary disaster 'The Adventures of Pluto Nash', a comedy film starring Eddie Murphy that collected $7 million against $100 million budget.


Mar 162019
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Jun 172019
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