Paattukalude koottukaari Neenu

Rj Neenu, a popular Radio jockey on 92.7 Big FM who is also known as “Paattukalude Koottukaari” for the last 10 years... 

Rj Neenu is the producer, scriptwriter, and music scheduler & Presenter of the show known for her rare trivia’s, good content, excellent diction, and usage of Malayalam. She is awarded as the most melodious voice on radio and also the music manager of 92.7 Big FM Trivandrum. Neenu started her career as a television host and for the last 10 years, she is in the radio industry with a total career span of 16 years. She is also a trained singer who has sung many jingles for 92.7 Big FM, music albums and devotional songs latest being Onamukil an Onam special Album which she had sung along with bigil fame Sreekanth Hariharan

Being a music manager, she has experimented with many musical innovations for celeb birthdays; the most popular one being “BIG Antakshari”. She handpicked around 1000 thousands of a single artist and placed it in an Antakshari format on the radio for 92.7 hours non-stop. This was done as a tribute to our Nightingale Smt. K.S Chithra on her 53rd Birthday. She is the only music scheduler in entire India who has done such a tedious and tough job. Smt. K.S Chithra directly appreciated her for this. she has also arranged a paattupookkalam for this Onam as well other than the artists specific or season-specific usual pattern