Specialists at Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad created a medical history by performing a living donor liver transplant and an open heart surgery within a span of fewhours on a five  year old baby girl.

The girl had been admitted to hospital with multiple health problems including advanced liver cirrhosis, congenital heart defects, severe growth retardation and rickets.  Doctors said the baby’s  rare genetic disorder had been diagnosed two years ago elsewhere. Doctors put off the surgery because of the  complexity of performing liver transplant and heart defect correction in one go without any  precedence to this,

 Dr Manish C Varma (Head of the Liver Transplant Department, Apollo Hospitals) and his team, while addressing media persons after the successful transplant, said five year old girl, Parvati Rohra, hailing from Hyderabad, was suffering from the  genetic disorder called Alagille Syndrome. It occurs with a frequency of 1:1,00,000 children and can impact the liver, heart, lungs, kidneys, bones among others, however the severity of the problem varies from patient to patient, they said. Because of Alagille Syndrome, Parvati had advanced liver cirrhosis, severe cardiac defects including Pulmonary Artery hypoplasia, Pulmonary valve dysplastic, Atrial and Ventricular septal defect, resulting in severe Pulmonary Artery Hypertension, severe growth retardation and rickets.

She was leading an extremely traumatic life, deprived of the normal childhood which kids of her age longed for. Her medical history indicated, that she presented initially with jaundice in the first few months  after birth. Her parents consulted a hospital in Mumbai, which diagnosed this as biliary atresia and were counseled for liver transplant, however due to girl  being underweight 10 kgs, the transplantteam was not confident of operating on such a small child, they said.



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