Angela Ponce- Miss Spain- a Transgender.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beget- Angela Ponce has made it to the coveted Miss Spain against all odds being transgender and psychological barriers among the other participants and the judges.

Angela Ponce will be the first transgender woman to compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

Probably winning Miss Spain was not as tough as answering the series of questions posed to her with prejudice.

" when did you realise, you were a girl?"- an intelligent reply was "when did you first know you were a boy?.

Having a vagina doesn't make a woman" she said, "even if many people don't want to see me as a woman, I clearly belong to them".

Miss Ponce has a mission-she dares to challenge the very concept of gender beauty, believes that the fashion industry should not enclose within barriers, should break it up, open to one and all.

Born and brought up in Pilas, a town in southern Spain., born to parents who were in business, running a bar, gave me full support to face the challenges at home and in public. But public made remarks in abusive language,  the changed her perception about the society. She was grouped with disabled children,  children from deserted parents and children from the Roma community in the schoolThis discrimination hardened my perception.on public response on me.

Madrid became her second home after winning the regional beauty contest. I took up a beauty contest as the profession. She went on to encourage children from similar gender by giving a series of talks in schools,  motivating them.

"When women over the world face discrimination, yet the same group criticizes me, do not want to accept me as a woman, how will they achieve the recognition, if they are narrow-minded". 

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Jun 42020
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