All by women - 230 wells dug- definet empowerment of women.

Hats off to the group of women who found a solution to the perennial drinking water problem of the drought-stricken district of Palakkad. Pattambi in Palakkad, where women had a walk kilometers to fetch potable water. 

The signs of drought situation are seen, a group of women of Muduthala near Pattambi took strength and courage to dig a well, all by themselves and found water. Justified by successes. Over a period, 230 wells were dug in and around, finding perennial solutions to the potable water. Women have rubbed their shoulders in all walks of life. Tough ones were not tried but necessity is the mother of inventions, innovation, and endurance they lived up to. Thanks to National Rural Employment scheme who gave full support.


Mar 162019
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