Alert!! Cancerous chemical contaminants in broiler chickens! These methods would help to figure it out

Day by day the food resources coming from other states to Kerala becoming untrustworthy and completely adulterated. Be it fruits, vegetables, spices, meat and other dairy products were found having the presence of hazardous chemicals that is applied for preservation purposes.

The news of chickens are fed with unhealthy poultry feeds with traces of Arsenic to gain weight quickly, was a shock to everyone, as most of us consume chicken products at least once a week. As a result of this arsenic contaminated poultry feed chickens become fleshy and light coloured. Arsenic is as dangerous as poison to human body and can cause many death causing diseases, especially cancer.

How to identify !

We can figure it out if the chicken is fed with arsenic foods by looking at the colour and weight of it. Those fed with arsenic will be having a pink colour also abnormally heavy weighted.

Side effects of Arsenic

Arsenic which is more dangerous than mercury to our body, can cause major damage to our children's brain also would cause many skin diseases 


Mar 162019
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