"Administration of Government hospitals For private sector";Niti Aayog.

Niti Aayog with a proposal to hand over the implementation of district hospitals in the state to the private sector. The new scheme of Niti Aayog is to link private medical colleges and district hospitals in a public-private partnership. The New Indian newspaper reported.

The new plan is being introduced as a way to address the shortage of doctors and health problems. The existing or newly opened private medical colleges will be linked to the district hospitals. It is expected to increase the number of medical seats and adjust the cost of medical education. The private partner will be responsible for the administration and development of the respective Government District Hospitals which will be linked to the development of the Medical Colleges.

With the implementation of district hospitals to the private sector, there will be two types of fees for the treatment. Half the beds will be purchased in the private sector. Those who are eligible for free treatment will be given subsidized treatment. This is the main proposal. It will be divided into several 50: 50 ratio.

 After considering the suggestions of stakeholders from the private sector, a detailed plan will be prepared. A meeting of private partners will be held at the end of January. It is envisaged that the new scheme will address the shortage of medical colleges and development problems in district hospitals.


Jan 142020
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