The actors with best physique in Bollywood.

Bollywood actors are known to be fitness icons with their good looks and toned bodies.They always manage to look younger than their age. These celebs follow an appropriate exercise plan and proportioned diet to stay in shape. Here are 4 Bollywood hunks with great bodies as selected by a fitness tabloid.

John Abraham
John Abraham with his mischievous smile, charming personality and six packs abs has won hearts of women and even men. The Dostana star is a fitness freak and follows a strict diet and workout plan.

Hrithik Roshan
Spectacularly cut physique, green eyes and stunning face—no wonder is the second sexiest man in the world. But great genes are not just responsible for his good looks and body, Roshan follows a disciplined workout and a strict diet plan to achieve his godly demeanour.

Salman Khan.
From guiding Hrithik Roshan to Varun Dhawan and transforming Arjun Kapoor, has been a fitness guru to most of the newcomers in the film industry. As he ages he looks younger. We believe his stringent workout routine and healthy eating is responsible for making him the Indian Benjamin Button. Bhai once said that workout is just 20% of the body, nothing is as important as your diet.

Varun Dhawan.
Varun Dhawan seems to be the latest heartthrob of the entertainment industry. His perfectly sculpted body shows that he takes his fitness seriously. In fact, as a child, the Student of the year star used to involve himself in various sports activities. No wonder, he is obsessed with fitness.

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