Aadhaar leaks- UIDAI files a case

Authorities of UIDAI filed a case against a journalist representing "The Tribune" newspaper. for a purchase of secret information of Aadhaar numbers generated by UIDAI, of not one but lakhs.  Posing as a buyer, the journalist who leaked through a news story  to the public, as the newspaper report was a breach of trust in leaking confidential information...

The newspaper purchased through a service offered by a seller incognito over WhatsApp, lead to access to all the information of UIDAI. Hence, the most protected system claimed by the Central government is in the public domain. People involved in stealing the secret information do not find their names as accused but the journalist who is bound-in-duty in exposing the network working behind the leaks is crucified. Political parties have reacted to the leaks, "Do not shoot the messenger" says supreme court.

While supreme court has accepted the case prima fascia-against the Aadhaar-leaks, editor's guild of India has requested Prime minister's intervention to direct UIDAI, withdraw the case, against the journalist, just investigate the network working behind the leak, bring them to books.

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