62,000 nurses on mass leave on 6th March

62,000 nurses in the private hospitals in Kerala have declared to go on mass leave on 6th March, demanding settlement of ongoing striking nurses demand. at KVM Hospital, Cherthala, heading towards a dead end. after 200 days of protest. Association of Private hospitals has filed a petition in the High court of Kerala. An interim order by the High court staying the "Nurses-mass leave" p0rotest on 6th March.

The Supreme court's order fixing minimum salary to nurses at Rs.20,000 per month, not all hospitals have implemented the directions. Hence, the mass leave protest for a day 6th March will be spared on such hospitals who are giving Rs.2000/- as salary. The mass leave campaign is in support to the nurses who are on a protest against KVM, Hospital, Chertala.Kerala


Mar 162019
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