50:50 by 2021 - Man: Women work force in Goldman sachs

Wall Street Bank stated that Goldman Sachs Group Inc is keen to recruit more women in the global workforce by 2021. The company also is keen to hype the process of recruitment to address the gender and racial imbalances across the country.

Even though there has been some progress in women's representation in ethnic and racial diversity, yet there is a long way to go, in achieving the target. Goldman Sachs has an ambitious target of raising women workforce to the desired level of 50:50 man-women workforce.

Fifth largest US bank has not been able to recruit women in its workforce to an adequate level to justify the "equality" to men and women. Goldman Sachs has increased the percentage of women employees to 40 percent in 2018, has all the possibilities to achieve 50 percent by 2021.


Mar 162019
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