500 Million Dollar Loan by Asian Development Bank to Indian Power Projects

ADB or Asian Development Bank to lend 500 Million Dollars to improve large scale power transmission from Nothern India to Southern Indian region. It also includes integrating renewable energy to the power grid in India. The integration of inter-regional connectibvity enables bulkpower transmission to southern region, where the power consumption drastically increases during summer. This project definetly bridges the void in generation of power and consumption in the southern states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala. 

2.58 Billion Dollar Project, ADB loan makes 19% of the project cost, Power Grid Corporation will provide 2.08 Billion Dollar Loan with term of 20Years including 5 year grace period.

This project will be comissioned by december 2020, will help to build 800 Kilovolt (kV), 320 kV High Voltage Direct Current or HVDC Converter stations with 765 kV power transmission systems in entire country.

Additional 6000MVA of power transmission capacity between Raigarh and Pugalur in Chattisgarh and Tamil Nadu respectively. 3000MVA of transmission capacity between Pugalur to Trichur in tamil Nadu and Kerala respectively. 3000MVA transmission capacity to accomodate renewable energy flow via Bikaner in Rajastan, as stated.

This project aims to help gridging the north-south Indian states to meet the energy cisis.


Jul 182018
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