24 percent increase in spices export

The world of quality spices are gaining higher demand in the international market, India exported 5,57,525 tones of spices and spice products worth Rs.8850.53 crores during April -September 2017. Netting 24 percent increase in the quantity and 2 percent in rupee term, compared to previous years' 4,50.700 tonnes worth Rs.8700.15 crores.

In terms of dollars, Indian exports of spices and spices products were US Dollars1373.97 million against 1299.96 million dollars against the previous year respectively. Spices like Chilli, Turmeric, Cardamom, Garlic and mint products were in demand.

Dr.A.Jayathilak said,"what is a highly satisfying note in India's spices and spice products are consistently going up in demand, even when international market is most volatile with stringent food safety regulations imposed by many countries. Chilli retained the position as highly-in-demand. 79,460 tones worth Rs.1324.58 crores. Turmeric stood next in demand, 59,000 tonnes worth Rs.547.63 crores was exported. Garlic worth Rs.188.54 crores, 27040 tones in volume was exported. spice oils worth Rs.1332.22 crore was shipped during this period.

Indian spices had a" definite edge in the international market during 2017" added Dr.Jyathilak, chairman, Spices Board, Kochi, Kerala.


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