1.82 crore project to protect Varkala Cliff.

Indian Government has suggested a project of Rs 1.82 crores to protect the 80 feet high red laterite cliff bordering 2.5-meter wide pathway along the 6.1-kilometre cliff facing Varkala beach near, Thiruvananthapuram.

According to the Geological Survey of India (GSI), Varkala is the only one in the west -coast of India where the sediments are of age between 13 lakh to 2.5 crore years which is exposed to nature, has all the potency to find a spot in the map of geo-heritage sites.

The cliff is facing damages from natural and anthropogenic calamities, which needs to be protected at any cost. The government of India after seizing the danger to the most important Varkala Beach, has decided to protect the beach cliff on the lines of Ullal in Kasargod district, Kerala and Puducherry.


Mar 162019
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