17 Billion Dollar Indian bullet Train-'Make In India'

Mumbai to Ahmedabad-India's two commercial cities is the first lucky ones to have a "Bullet Train"-connect at a cost of 17 billion dollars, inked by the two Prime Ministers of India and Japan.

Indian Prime Minister's dream to promote"Make in India" seems getting a luke-warm response as 70 percent of the core components required for the railway line would be supplied by the Japanese companies, since the money comes from Japan.

'Make in India' promotee, Indin government intervened to seek supply orders in favor of India's Jindal Steel and Power Ltd. Jindal Steel and Power Ltd and Nippon steel ought to have the joint venture to manufacture rails, but they discouraged the move on lack of quality by the Indian company. Even Steel authority of India, SAIL, being the main supplier to Indian railways, failed to even get an e-mail reply from Nippon, on the quality issue.

Narrowing down, the Indian component is expected to provide raw materials like cement, manpower in the project. The only hope is to get carriage-manufacturing by Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.,

Bullet-trains to connect other cities in India may get delayed, an assessment would be made based on the success of implementing the project and its optimum utility. Japan is looking into the cost and commercial feasibility of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad link, Japanese too are keeping their fingers crossed about the commercial success since the loan amount of 17 million dollars is for 50 years.

On the other hand, India feels that once other projects come up in India, economic gains would set the balance even.


Mar 162019
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