Dec 222017
Shaji Pappan,a favourite cult icon,is back in the movie Aadu 2 ,which will hit the theaters ,the prequel entertained us with variety of characters and style was a major factor about them .This time


Mar 72018
From the day one, Reliance jio Infocom launched a new mobile networking  with an attractive tariff package, sending cracks into the traditional tariff plans prevailing then, in fact, telecom compan

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Feb 192018
The candidates contesting elections have to disclose their source of income, wife and other family members, Supreme court issued directions to this effect in order to give a fair knowledge of each



Feb 212018
EVG ENIA MEDVEDEVA - Russian ice skater - created a world, by breaking her own world record only to be broken by ALINA ZANGITOVA-  contemporary competitor, all in quickly, so quickly in minutes, le



Mar 162018
Wall Street Bank stated that Goldman Sachs Group Inc is keen to recruit more women in the global workforce by 2021.


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Mr. Alex Deleon

Alex Deleon is an American film critic and film historian. He has attended 100 film festivals since 1975 and is about to publish a book on his film festival adventures.

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Dec 152016
Computer Repair  Caller: ‘Hi, our printer is not working.’  Customer Service: ‘What is wrong with it?’  Caller: ‘Mouse is jammed.’ 


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