Jul 182018
Beauty is in the eyes of the beget- Angela Ponce has made it to the coveted Miss Spain against all odds being transgender and psychological barriers among the other participants an


Jul 192018
One of the most expensive films ever made in the world and the Chinese film'Asura' on a whopping budget of $113-million, ever made has become a flop of historic pr


Jul 172018
ICAR- Indian Council of Agriculture Research on its 90th  Foundation-day promised to double the Indian farmers' income by 2022.

Star News

Jul 62018
Famous  French Filmmaker  Claude Lanzmann, passed away in Paris at the age of 92, as per his publishers Gallimard statement on Thursday.

Think it Over

Jul 202018
ബഹുമാനപ്പെട്ട കേരള മുഖ്യമന്ത്രി ശ്രീ പിണറായി വിജയൻ അവർകളുടെ അടിയന്തര ശ്രദ്ധക്കായി....  ..........ഓരോ വീട്ടിലും ഓരോ ക്യാന്‍സര്‍ രോഗി.............



Jul 132018
Hima Das has written her name in golden letters by winning a gold medal at IAAF World Under 20 Athletics Championships, eventually, the first Indian to lift a gold medal, a proud Indian of pride In



Jul 202018
BSNL 'wings'- VoIP based Internet Telephony Service is to be launched on 1st August 2018, BSNL is the first to introduce this cheaper than other services


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Dec 152016
Computer Repair  Caller: ‘Hi, our printer is not working.’  Customer Service: ‘What is wrong with it?’  Caller: ‘Mouse is jammed.’ 


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