Wi-Fi enabled Trifo robot vacuum cleaner launched in India.

California-based Trifo, which develops AI and robot-based technologies, has launched two vacuum cleaning robots in India. Two models, the Emma Standard and the Emma Pet, have smart dynamic navigation features. These devices are now available for sale through Amazon and Flipkart. Emma robots support Wi-Fi connectivity and integrate with Amazon Alexa for voice commands. Emma Standard and Emma Pet can also be managed using the Trifo Home mobile app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The Emma Standard is priced at Rs 21,990 and the Emma Pet is priced at Rs 23,990. This robot vacuum cleaner is now available for sale through Amazon and Flipkart. During the festival season from October 16 to November 16, you get a discount of Rs 2,000.

Trifo's Emma Series robot vacuum cleaner comes with a 2,600mAh battery. This gives a running time of up to 110 minutes. It automatically returns to the charging base when a task is completed or the battery is low. The Emma standard gets suction capacity up to 3,000pa. The Emma Pet Edition comes with a powerful suction capacity of over 4,000pa. Emma Pete also provides an extra pet hair extractor that comes with an anti-notting function to prevent pet hair from getting caught.

Emma has a dustbin with a capacity of 600 ml. Emma's long main brush and six-sided side brush create a 9.05-inch wide cleaning path. The Emma vacuum cleaner has smart sensors that enable it to clean effectively. It has an onboard navigation system that constantly monitors the home environment and brings updates to improve cleaning routes.
Users can also use Alexa to control the robot. It responds to volume controls like 'Alexa, Turn on Emma' to start cleaning.

The Trifo Home mobile app can be used to interact and remotely control the robot vacuum cleaner. Users can start, stop and schedule cleaning tasks, get notifications when done, adjust suction power and more. They can also review previous cleaning trips. Earlier this year, the Trifo Max robot vacuum cleaner was launched in India. It comes with a home security camera.

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