What alternative? Frequent thefts in boggage has exposed the lurking danger.

Frequent thefts from the pieces of baggage of the passengers coming from Gulf countries are pilferage by various means, by airport staff who handle the baggage movement.Recently six passengers arrived from Dubai on 1X 344, at Kozhikode, after collecting their baggage on arrival, they found the bags were forcefully opened, valuables like Camera, laps and other expensive items were stolen.The system has to have checks and balances in baggage handling and make everybody accountable.It is the fundamental responsibility of the Airlines.

They fear the theft might have taken place after check-in of baggage before boarding the flight, either the zip is damaged.It is a daylight robbery. Airlines suggest not to carry valuable items in their baggage.airlines instead of plugging the loop whole to thefts, suggests a way out of which is impractical what is the alternative. 

The only way is to make baggage handling transparent to the owners of the baggage.