Virat Kohli sacrificed these favourite foods to flourish as a cricketer. 

     Indian skipper Virat Kohli is well and truly on his way to becoming an all time legend in cricketing history. But there is a story of huge sacrifices behind his meteoric rise.
Rajkumar, Virat Kohli’s coach, highlight the sacrifices that the 28-year old has made, on his way to the top honours in world cricket.
When Kohli was taking baby steps at the international level, he was a chubby 18-year old, who enjoyed his fair share of parties and wasn’t particularly fussy about the right food. It wasn’t until a sub-par season of the IPL that the batsman got a sudden jolt and realised that his poor eating habits were hindering his growth as an international player.He completely changed his eating and exercising habits he became particular about his time in the gym by employing a weight workout and compulsorily working two hours a day. He also started using elevation masks and the Technoshaper, a device that helps reduce body fat.Rajkumar concedes that Kohli has become very particular about the kind of food he intakes, with carbs being a ‘strict no-no’ for the Indian captain. The coach has no qualms in admitting that it requires tremendous mental strength to overhaul one’s lifestyle at such a young age.Kohli has stopped eating rotis, abstains from coffee that has sugar and insists on having fresh juices - packaged ones won’t do at all for him. All the food that he eats has to be either grilled or boiled. Cheat days don’t find a mention in his schedule.


Mar 162019
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