Traditional Dandruff Treatment for Healthy Hair...

Dense hair is everyone's dream. But when the hair starts to fall out, then there is total tension. It is common to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. But more than that, it means seeking treatment for hair loss. There are two types of hair loss, gradual hair loss and sudden hair loss. Gradual hair loss can be genetic or hormonal. Hair loss can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle and avoiding stress. Sudden hair loss is mainly caused by high fever, side effects of medications, postpartum hormonal changes in women, anemia, malnutrition, PCOD, thyroid hormone changes, dandruff and round hair loss due to infection.

Internal and external dietary supplements are the cure for hair loss. Get into the habit of eating right, exercising, and taking medication. And if you follow the Ayurvedic rules, you can get healthy hair.

In addition to topical head lotion (head lotion) and scalp (apply lotion on the scalp) it is also important to apply oil on the scalp. The use of oils for scalp diseases like dandruff can cure the disease as well as prevent hair loss. When preparing oil at home, care must be taken to add the ingredients correctly. Ingredients like Thannikkam and Triphala are available at markets and Ayurvedic hospitals.

Traditional Methods

  • The Ayurvedic method of applying oil bath, applying perfume smoke and washing and cleansing the hair with thali will beautify the hair. Putting cooling hair packs once a week is a good way to get rid of hair problems caused by the sun.
  • Apply a cup of coconut milk on the scalp and hair and after 15 minutes wash off with a thali.
  • Mix a large teaspoon of aloe vera pulp and an egg white in a mixture of mint, brahmi, guava leaves, saffron powder, gooseberry powder and dried henna powder and apply it on the scalp and hair. Wash and clean after one hour. It is best to apply this mixture on the scalp once a month.

Chemical treatments such as hair coloring and smoothing can cause hair loss and premature graying. Use natural remedies instead. Henna can be used to color the hair. Apply mint, aryaveppila, egg white, gooseberry powder and chives powder on the hair to keep it healthy.

  •  Smoke with turmeric, a little pepper, turmeric and dried neem leaves helps to reduce hairfall.  The octagonal scent found in ayurvedic shops smokes and removes hair problems. It is enough to smoke once a week.
  • Wash and dry black sesame seeds. It can be mixed with hot roasted jaggery powder and a little chukku powder and kept in an airtight container. Drink a glass of milk after consuming two teaspoons of sesame seeds daily.
  • Eat gooseberry honey or gooseberry juice daily. Beneficial for removing anemia and hair growth.
  • Wash and clean a handful of raisins and soak them in a glass of water overnight. Drink it daily on an empty stomach, with or without straining, with that water in the morning.
  • Take a small teaspoon of triphala powder with a little honey every night before going to bed.
  • Narasimharasayanam and Chyavanaprasam can be taken as prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctor.
  • Itis good to drink a glass of milk every day.

Dandruff can be removed

Add a handful of Aryaveppila and Tulsi leaves in a frying pan, add a teaspoon of good fermented yoghurt and apply on the scalp. After half an hour, the head can be washed and cleaned with thali. Rubbing this mixture once a week is good for removing dandruff.

Making a habit of cleaning the hair will remove dandruff. Ginger leaves, chewing gum powder and fenugreek soaked can be used as seasonings. Triphala powder can be applied to the hair from time to time as a hair pack. Washing hair with boiled water on the scalp will reduce hair loss.

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