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Zuma resigns

South African President Zuma resigns after strong protests by members of ruling party-African National Congress foreseeing Zuma as a stumbling block in 2019 elections for them to come to power. Allegations of systematic graft in his government, charges of corruption proved, Zuma who negotiated well so far in his 10 years of the Presidency could not sustain anymore. On one hand, steadfast allies in the ruling party turned their backs, Zuma had no other option but to resign.

Ban female circumcision-says Shashi Taroor

"The clitoral hood a contested site: Khafd or Female Genital Mutilation in India" combined effort to prepare this report by several organizations was released by Shashi Tharoor, MP. While speaking on the occasion, female genital mutilation in India should be banned through a legislation. United Nation has taken a stand against female circumcision, while there are no official records to prove that the female circumcision is done in India.Shashi Tharoor said that it should be punished for a crime as per the rules.

Kerala Chief of Vigilance- controversy ends-Dr.Asthana N.C is the New Chief

 Long drawn criticism against the Kerala government regarding finding a regular incumbent as Chief of Vigilance and Anti-corruption Bureau VACB  has found Dr.Ashthana N.C who was on deputation to CFT as the Special  Additional  Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs, will finally relive Lokanath Behera who has an additional charge of the post.

Sohini Roy Chowdary makes in top 100 World Hall Fame

Sohini Roy Chowdary- an eight-year girl of Indian origin has made into top 100 World Hall Fame an online-mathematics-competition meant to evaluate skills in mathematics at primary school levels. School children across Britain participated in the competition aims to find the speed and accuracy in solving the puzzles, Sohini Roy made it into top 100 names. Mainak Roy Chowdary, Sohini's father said:" she feels really excited to solve maths in an online learning environment to earn a place on the live World Hall of Fame."

Integrated linear parallel hybrid Technology-Gebin Maxi-acquires U.S Patent

Gebin Maxi at 22, has acquired US patent finding an innovative application"Integrated linear parallel hybrid technology" to increase fuel efficiency up to 50 percent by adding petrol and electric engines. After going through several disappointments and rejection whenever his application was submitted to many funding agencies, nobody took it seriously just because he was a student of 10th standard then.

"Marriage-is at the will of two adults"- Says Supreme court.

The Supreme Court of India categorically said that marriage is at the will of two adults- a man and a woman, nobody has right to interfere, neither society nor khap panchayat, not even parents. Chief justice of Misra heading the three bench committee upheld the fundamental rights of a citizen of India provided by the Indian constitution.

Aadhaar-You ought to Know- II Part

7. Do NRIs need Aadhaar for banking, mobile, PAN and other services?

Aadhaar is only for residents of India. NRIs are not eligible to get Aadhaar.

The respective service providers like banks and mobile companies have laid down NRI-specific exemptions.

NRIs should simply tell the banks and other service providers such as credit card companies etc that they are not required to provide Aadhaar numbers by virtue of being non-resident Indians

NRIs are exempted from linking Aadhaar with various services

China keen to enhance cooperation with India-pleased by Modi's appeal at Davos

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 53-minute speech at World Economic Forum (WEF) has been received in its true spirit, China has reacted positively to enhance cooperation with India. Narendra Modi's speech touching upon protectionism by many counties is equally dangerous as terrorism was received well by China.

UDAN-Kannur gets connected to 8 cities

Kannur, a district headquarter in North Kerala shall get connected to cities like Delhi(Hindon), Chennai, Goa, Bengaluru, Hubballi, Mumbai, Kochi, and Thiruvananthapuram. Small flights run under UDAN scheme by the Civil Aviation ministry, Government of India will start its services as and when the Kannur Airport becomes operational. The facility of UDAN is meant to make flying affordable to those who could travel by trains by 2nd A\C and others at a reasonable airfare.

Fuel prices-record high-system reeling under burden

Petrol at 72.43 paise per liter, Diesel at Rs.63.38 per liter in New Delhi, has been recorded high in the past 3 years. Fuel prices, on daily basis, sky rocking on prices, making the cost of living higher. Petrol t Rs.80.60 per liter in Mumbai was the previous record in the year 2014, today it costs Rs.80.30 per liter, Diesel at Rs.67.50 per liter leaving the commercial sector to pass on the burden on consumersTransport vehicles mainly diesel-run are the main chord to supply chain moving goods to nook and corner of the country.

10,000 surplus staff in Electricity Board

Electricity regulatory commission had recommended a staff strength of 24,500 in various division of the board, whereas the board has a strength of 33,500, leaving 10,000 surpluses, thereby creating a loss to the board. Not enough, the government has advised the board to appoint 1000 more from the selected list by the Kerala Public Service Commission.

17 Billion Dollar Indian bullet Train-'Make In India'

Mumbai to Ahmedabad-India's two commercial cities is the first lucky ones to have a "Bullet Train"-connect at a cost of 17 billion dollars, inked by the two Prime Ministers of India and Japan.

Indian Prime Minister's dream to promote"Make in India" seems getting a luke-warm response as 70 percent of the core components required for the railway line would be supplied by the Japanese companies, since the money comes from Japan.

Nishagandhi Award 2018- Dhananjayan and Shanta are the recipients

Nishagandhi Award 2018, the award instituted by the Kerala Tourism Department announced the recipients Dhananjayan and Shanta Dhananjayan known as dancing couples would receive the award of Rs. 1.50 lakh cash and a citation.

The award will be given away to the recipients on 20th January 2018, at the inaugural function of a week-long Nishagandhi Dance Festival, at Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala Tourism Department honors artists who have contributed to Dance and Music, honoring them by Nishagandhi award every year.

Statewide transport vehicles declare strike on 24th January 2018

Dawn to Dusk-strike by public transport vehicles on 24th January throughout Kerala in protest against the study increase in fuel prices. Trade unions and private bus owners have called upon the governments-state and union to direct the oil companies to reduce the prices on petrol and diesel not to add on excise duty by the central government imposed earlier.

According to the various unions of bus owners, employees, lakhs would go unemployed if the union government does not withdraw Motor Vehicle Act(Amendment), Bill.

Kerala startup mission(KSUP)invites application

Kerala has launched first of its kind-named "Kerala Accelerator Programme"- to promote startu[s to reach the goal achieving right product-market suitable by a customer validation process. Begining on 5th February 2018, three-month virtual accelerator programme has both live and virtual mentoring sessions, with visits by the members to interact with startups.

Protests over change of color-Orange-SSLC failed ones

Central governments' proposal to provide an Orange color passport to those who have educational qualifications as SSLC failed or less, is nothing less than a discriminatory trend by the Government, feel across 'the cross-section of people'. " No way this proposal should go forward, this is creating a divide among the citizens in India based on educational qualification" former Chief Minister of Kerala Ommen Chandy.

Aadhaar security- By Face recognition in addition to Finger print and Iris

Face recognition will be added to secure the identification, authenticate. The Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI) is introducing the 3rd mode of addition to Fingerprint and Iris, two methods of biometric authentication- which are available along with OTP(one-time password).


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