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62,000 nurses on mass leave on 6th March

62,000 nurses in the private hospitals in Kerala have declared to go on mass leave on 6th March, demanding settlement of ongoing striking nurses demand. at KVM Hospital, Cherthala, heading towards a dead end. after 200 days of protest. Association of Private hospitals has filed a petition in the High court of Kerala. An interim order by the High court staying the "Nurses-mass leave" p0rotest on 6th March.

Indian IT companies may not have impact - H1B Visa

Trump's administration is to restrict H1B visa, which may not impact Indian IT companies. Maybe Indian IT companies need to put  an extra effort to prove that H1B employee at a third part worksite has specific and non-qualifying jobs., The US administration's move to a policy empowering the US citizenship and immigration services(USCIS) to issue H1B visas to an employee for only for a period where the individual has worked at a third-party worksite.

"Green Protocol" - during Aattukal Pongala

2nd March 2018- preparations over two months to conduct the 'pongala' festival is in the finishing stages, has a unique feature this year. 'Green Protocol'will be strictly followed during the festival.

What is Geen Protocol?

'Green protocol' means banning the use of plastic, other non-bio-degradable articles including disposable glasses and plates during the festival- by the state government of Kerala, City Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram and the state government has taken measures to inform this through many ways- radio, Newspapers, and banners well in advance. 

'No'- thanks! to Kerala government's clerical jobs

Kerala state is known as a land of clerks and stenographers during 1960s all over the country. Lakhs are attending special coaching classes to get a government job, is a habit and psyche of a Malayalee is negated by the youth of the day. 3000 selected candidates received offer letters for the post of clerks by the Kerala public service commission.They have not joined the duties, have said 'No' thanks.

What alternative? Frequent thefts in boggage has exposed the lurking danger.

Frequent thefts from the pieces of baggage of the passengers coming from Gulf countries are pilferage by various means, by airport staff who handle the baggage movement.Recently six passengers arrived from Dubai on 1X 344, at Kozhikode, after collecting their baggage on arrival, they found the bags were forcefully opened, valuables like Camera, laps and other expensive items were stolen.The system has to have checks and balances in baggage handling and make everybody accountable.It is the fundamental responsibility of the Airlines.

"Mobile to Mortuary"- Beware mobile users

The world of mobile phones-today is a necessary evil- It can connect you to your beloved instantly or it can connect you to hell or heaven. Six youths were run over by a train while crossing the railway's lines, chatting on mobile phones simultaneously walking across, negligence or ignorance resulted in deaths al Hapur district in Uttar Pradesh.

India to send CPRF commandos to Bhagdad


Indian embassy will be guarded by the Indian army, due to ISIS threat.The Indian government has accorded sanction to proceed Indian army to Bhagdad.

CRPF commandos have been entrusted to guard the Indian embassy.and the staff.However, the Indian government has take a decision to keep the unit for a long time.

The CRPF commandos not only guard the embassy but also the senior officials in the complex.

Ugly side of gun culture-change the course now-demand students in USA

Students around Washington DC came out of their schools in the late afternoon to protest against the shifting gun culture to an ugly phase, protesting for a saner society. Right now,  it has taken an ugly turn killing in the shootout. Hundreds of students walked to the white house to demand gun-reform.

Enforcement Directorate-ED on the seizer mode against Nirav Modi

Enforcement directorate-ED are on the seizer mode of properties belonging to the accused Nirav Modi. After acquiring the Alibaug farmhouse owned by Nirav Modi on Wednesday, 9 luxury cars were seized worth 7.25 crores and freezing mutual funds and shares worth 94.52 crores in the name of Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi groups.

The Rev.Billy Graham-Religious Crusader passes away at 99

Christian evangelist Rev.Billy Graham the name to be written in golden letters of the Gospel history died at the age of 99. As a teen, an add "GP"-turned out to be letters from heaven-he read GP "Go and preach"- took to preaching as his life and his future, never ever drifted from the path of preaching and following until his death.

Kerala Secretariat-rich by lakh files undisposed

The temple to seek administrative solutions by the people of Kerala, Secretariat is rich by more than one lakh pending files in as many departments in the secretariat alone. Proud voter expected drastic changes promised in the manifesto, expectation riding high when Pinarayi Vijayan took over as the Chief Minister of Kerala in 2016. In fact, during a very first meeting with the officials in the Secretariat, he had urged them to be considerate to all while dealing with people and files, found connect with the people giving high expectation.of his government. 

Services to begin in June-UDAN-flights soon

Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagarik- UDAN,  flying at cheaper rate will become a reality in June this year from Kannur International Airport, even before the new airport becomes fully operational, says Choubey. R.N.the Civil Aviation Secretary to the government of India addressing the parliamentary standing committee on 20th February 2018 at New Delhi.

C K Suresh passes away-Art director of yester years

C K Suresh began his career in Malayalam film industry in 1980 - as an associate art director, later on, became an Art director.He has more than 100 films to his credit as an art director, recognized by his work in all the films he did with I V Sasi. Some of the well-known films were " Kireedam", "His Highness Abdulla" and "Chenkol". His last film "Shraddha" by I V Sasi in 2009, Suresh left the film industry as his health deteriorated.

C K Suresh of Thalakalathur, Kozhikode died in a private hospital at the age of 65 years.

CALL- 9447071021- if KSRTC bus does not stop at Bus stops

KSRTC has advised the people to call 9447071021 if any of their buses do not stop at the designated bus stops.Strict action will be taken against the bus driver on receipt of a complaint.After departmental inquiry.  KSRTC is  unable to keep the revenue collections up. The daily collections have come down from Rs.7.40 crores to rs.7.22 crores.

Parallel service and private vehicles are plying on the KSRTC routes. which is one of the causes of revenue loss.

CALL- 9447071021- if KSRTC bus does not stop at Busstops

KSRTC has advised the people to call 9447071021 if any of their buses do not stop at a designated bus stop.Strict action will be taken against the bus driver on receipt of a complaint after inquiry. KSRTC was unable to keep the revenue collections up even when the private buses were off the roads. Private bus owners have to compare minimum fares with the neighboring states Tamsril Nadu, Karnataka where the minimum fare is Rs.5 as against the revised Rs.8. How ever when compared to their services, Kerala bus services have to improve far more to match their services.

Rs.800 crore fraud-CBI conducts raids on Rotomac owner

Vikram Kothari, the owner of 'Rotomac' pen manufacturer has cheated the Bank of Baroda to the tune of Rs.800 crores. According to the complaint filed by officials of the bank, Abhishek Dayal, spokesperson of Central Bureau of Investigation CBI, who have taken over the case said that the family of Kothari is under surveillance, and are to be questioned soon. Search operations are being conducted in places connected to the family business.

CBI after the culprit-seeks Interpol's help in 1.77 million fraud

Gitanjali Gems Ltd., group's managing director Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi, a billionaire jeweler, and his uncle who are named in the 1.77 million fraud, complaint filed by Punjab National Bank. According to the Punjab National Bank officials, a huge loss of Rs.4886 crores occurred to their bank due to cheatings in the dealings by Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi.

Whooping 1.77 million fraud-Punjab National Bank

The lead bank-Punjab National Bank-second largest bank to cater loans in rural and urban India has unearthed a mammoth fraud of Rs.1.77 million, that too from a brach in Mumbai, a history of its kind. Ledgers filled with figures by 147 billion dispersed as loans despite knowing the limitation it had, loan amounts crossed the limits beyond any justification.

Buses are off the roads- Commuter's ordeal begins

Private buses are off the roads in Kerala, as scheduled, forcing commuters to face untold misery, not only for the day but coming days too. Kerala government assessing the situation have added a number of buses to ply, it may not be equal to the number of private buses off the roads.

Private bus operators said" We are disappointed with the announcement of fare hike by the government, it is not enough to meet the break-even for the day let alone, profit, wear, and fear, taxes etc. The strike would go on till the demands are met.

"Oru Adaar Love"-Controversial song-No withdrawal

The enticing song "Manikya malaraya poovi" from the film "Oru Adaar Love" has come into votex of hurting religious sentiments, the song which went viral over night has drawn the attention of people more than it deserves. A case has been filed in a court in Hyderabad that lyrics of the song has hurt the feelings of one religion, hence ban on the song is sought.


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