Tax Saving guide- FY 2018

Gone are the days! The dynamics of investments by the professionals in India had traditional sectors like insurance policies, Bank deposits at the end of the Financial year to save the tax. In this process, new Insurance policies were added which attracted higher premiums, even though the insurance cover were lesser than the desired the amount.

Changes have come in today's youth are keen on saving their money look to prospects like investment avenues, risk factors, hazel free transactions.Private participants in insurance and mutual funds are attractive savings schemes, goods return with enticing interest rates, long-term savings- return to their savings-based on deficit calculations of returns, their life span-life styles-needs during pre and post marriage, all go through in their savings decision.

Even Rs..50,000 of investment possible they can during a year, the number of cheques and balance generated through internet service, TV programmes, printed information, makes them wiser. 

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Dec 222017
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