Tasty Paneer- Methi cutlet... !


1. Paneer - 200 g

2. Kasuri methi - 15 g

Chopped green chillies - 20 g

Ginger - 10 g

Salt - to taste

Coriander leaves chopped - to taste

3. Seaweed flour - 15 g

Water - 250 ml

4. Bread powder - 250 g

5. Oil - enough for frying


Take the paneer in a bowl and mix well.  Add the Kasoori Methi, Chopped green chillies, Ginger,  Salt and Coriander leaves then mix well. Roll the mixture in lengthwise to the same size and set aside.

In another bowl, combine the seaweed flour and water in a semi liquid condition. Dip the rolled cutlets in the flour and wrap well in breadcrumbs. Leave it for five minutes without stirring.

Heat a little oil and add the cutlets and fry till golden brown. Serve with chaat masala and Bengali mustard sauce.

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Sep 222020
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