Tasty Cheese Naan...


1.Maida - Two cups

2. Salt - to taste

Baking powder - a small spoon

Baking soda - half a teaspoon

Sugar - a large spoon

3. Yogurt - half a cup

Oil - a large spoon

4. Mozzarella cheese - a cup

Coriander - quarter cup, finely chopped

5.Sesame - to taste


  • Add the second ingredient to the flour and mix well.
  • Add yoghurt and oil and mix well. Add enough water and knead the chapati dough.
  • Combine cheese and coriander leaves.
  • Roll the prepared dough into small balls, add a little cheese mixture, roll again and cover with a damp cloth and leave for five minutes.
  • Now take each roll and spread sesame seeds on top and bake in a pan.
  • Spread butter on top and serve hot.

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Jan 132021
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