Surprising makeover of a street vendor by Mahadevan Thampi...

There is a story that has been discussed all over social media for the last few days. The story of the transformation of a Rajasthani girl from a street vendor to a model. The girl was identified as Asman, a street vendor at Edappally Signal.

The model in was discovered by photographer Mahadevan Thampi. The shoot was a glamorous makeover for the girl selected from the street vendors instead of the models she had seen. Mahadevan Thampi says that the photoshoot was a joint effort to share this idea with his friends, which has been on his mind for a long time.

In this photoshoot produced by Clap Media, the model was given a gorgeous makeover by Makeupman Prabin and Costume Iana Designs. The photoshoot went viral shortly after uploading.

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Jan 132021
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